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Registered Massage Therapy Serving Surrey BC and Surrounding Areas

Direct Pay Available through Most Providers

At our registered massage clinic, we are dedicated to providing you with a soothing and rejuvenating experience that promotes overall health and well-being. Our team of skilled and certified registered massage therapists are committed to helping you find relief from various issues and enhancing your body’s natural healing abilities.


Various Conditions We Treat

At ARZ Massage & Wellness we can help if you are dealing with stress, muscle tension, chronic pain, or just seeking a blissful escape from the daily grind. We specialize in a wide range of massage techniques, each tailored to address specific concerns and restore harmony to your body and mind.


Experienced Therapists

At our Surrey RMT clinic, you'll find a team of highly experienced and skilled Registered Massage Therapists dedicated to your well-being. With a deep understanding of various massage techniques and a passion for holistic healing, our therapists bring years of expertise to every session.


Have Questions? Contact us

Whether you prefer to reach out by phone, email, or through our user-friendly online booking system, our responsive team is ready to assist you. Have questions about our services, need guidance on the best treatment for your needs, or want to schedule an appointment?

RMT Massage Rates

35 Minutes

45 Minutes

50 Minutes

55 Minutes

65 Minutes

ICBC 35/50 Min


Xi Wang

Registered Massage Therapist

Xi graduated with honors in 2022 from the Vancouver Career College and is a Registered Massage Therapist and member in good standing with the CMTBC. Xi has worked in many clinical environments including VACC clinic, clinic of CDI college, outreach in BCIT and spa, in those different settings she has seen a diverse patient with various medical conditions, injuries and treatment needs. These work experiences have empowered Xi with the ability and knowledge to treat patients with both common and uncommon conditions including insomnia, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, paralysis, meniscus tear, disc herniation, and to meet their treatment goals and beyond. Xi’s technique is richly thorough and adapts to patient’s special needs, such as relaxation, deep tissues massage, trigger point therapy, fascial techniques, neuromuscular techniques. During her registered massage career, she is continuing to take professional development courses to advance her skills and to attempt to implement new techniques into her treatments. She strives to help patients to achieve their wellness goals sooner than it’d require and to provide her treatment in a soothing environment. When Xi is not in the clinic, you can find her at the quiet corner in a park and reading her medical books, walking along the beach, cuddling her kids, and massaging them with love, and spending time with her friends and family.

Hear from Our Satisifed Clients

Kaysi Huang
Kaysi Huang
The space is always very clean and Xi is incredibly thoughtful and professional.
Helen Lin
Helen Lin
Ms. Xi's RMT services are spectacular and she provides great advice and focus towards my injuries. She is very kind and excels at her profession. I highly recommend her services.
John Ramiro
John Ramiro
Awesome experience! My back got relieved and the direct billing is appreciated.
Patricia Solmeron
Patricia Solmeron
Ms. Xi is the best! Highly recommended. I came to her with neck and shoulder pain and left her place with a very great feeling. She is very nice. Will definitely come back.
Angela Auty
Angela Auty
I've been seeing Xi for almost a year. After having been to numerous RMTs over the years, I can say I finally found the one! Xi is very professional, caring and ensures you are comfortable. The environment is peaceful and serene which makes the whole experience that much more relaxing. Strongly recommend ARZ!
Tyr. 1
Tyr. 1
clean and quiet, xi is very friendly and knowledgeable
John P
John P
Very professional! Had an appointment with Xi in Guilford who was excellent. Looking forward to their practice opening in Langley.
Kimberly Mate
Kimberly Mate
I recently visited this clinic and was pleasantly surprised with Xi's ability to make me feel comfortable and relieve my pain points in just a few sessions. The atmosphere is clean, spacious and service is professional. I also loved that they do direct billing which makes the process seamless and easy. Highly recommend, lover her!
Massage was really great. Very professional and on point. Definitely recommend to everyone

What We Treat

  • pain-management

    Massage Therapy for Pain Management

    Are you struggling with chronic pain? Our massage therapy sessions offer a holistic approach to pain management. Through techniques like deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy, we target the root causes of your pain, alleviate muscle tension, and promote natural healing.

  • stress-and-anxiety

    Stress and Anxiety Relief

    Life can be stressful, but our massage therapy can provide you with a tranquil escape. Our therapists are trained in relaxation techniques that soothe both your body and mind. Experience the calming effects of Swedish massage and hot stone therapy, leaving you with reduced stress and a renewed sense of calm.

  • injury-rehabilitation

    Injury Rehabilitation

    If you've recently experienced an injury, massage therapy can play a crucial role in your recovery. Our therapists work closely with you and your healthcare team to create a customized rehabilitation plan. Through focused massage techniques, we help improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and enhance the healing process.

  • headache-and-migranes

    Headache and Migraine Management

    Debilitating headaches and migraines can significantly impact your daily life. Our massage therapy sessions include craniosacral techniques that target head and neck tension, providing relief from headache symptoms and improving overall head health.

  • postural-imbalances

    Postural Imbalances

    Modern lifestyles can lead to postural imbalances and discomfort. Our massage therapists are skilled in addressing these issues through techniques that release muscle tension, realign the body, and restore proper posture, helping you stand taller and move with greater ease.

  • prenatal-massage

    Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

    Pregnancy and new motherhood bring unique challenges. Our specialized prenatal and postnatal massage treatments offer relief from pregnancy-related discomfort, reduce swelling, and provide relaxation during this transformative time.

  • sports-injury

    Sports Injuries and Performance

    Pregnancy and new motherhood bring unique challenges. Our specialized prenatal and postnatal massage treatments offer relief from pregnancy-related discomfort, reduce swelling, and provide relaxation during this transformative time.

  • digestive-disorders

    Digestive Disorders

    Massage therapy can also support digestive health. Techniques like abdominal massage can help stimulate digestion, alleviate discomfort, and promote better gastrointestinal function.

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